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Gender equality- Athena SWAN and Project Juno

Physics has traditionally been a male-dominated subject. The Department of Physics at Warwick aims to address this imbalance by working with the Institute of Physics Project JunoLink opens in a new window and the Athena SWAN Charter.

The Department of Physics has long been recognised for its efforts to promote gender equality and good working practices amongst both staff and students. In 2009, the University of Warwick, along with Imperial College London, supported the first physics departments to be recognised by the IOP as Juno Champions. In 2010, the Departments of Physics and Chemistry at Warwick were both awarded silver status by the Athena SWAN Charter. The Athena SWAN Charter, established by the Equality Challenge Unit, recognises and celebrates good employment practice for women in science, engineering and technology, and also holds a wider remit.

The department has built on these early achievements, and in 2021 the department was successful in renewing its Juno Champion status by the IOP, and in 2022 we were successful in renewing our Athena SWAN silver award.

Further information

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The Institute of Physics Diversity ProgrammeLink opens in a new window was established with the aim of cultivating an inclusive, sustainable, diverse and vibrant physics community which is reflected in the Institute’s membership and governing bodies.