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Equality Documentation

Project Juno and Athena SWAN Departmental Submissions and Supporting Documents


Date Documents
November 2020 Juno Action Plan 2020
November 2020 Juno Champion renewal submission
April 2017 Athena SWAN Feedback
June 2016 Juno Champion Feedback
April 2016 Juno Action Plan 2016
April 2016 Juno Champion renewal progress report
April 2016 Juno Champion department summary
July 2012 Juno Action Plan July 2012
July 2012 Juno Champion Renewal submission

Institute of Physics (IOP)
IOP - Staff and Students in UK Physics departments an outline of statistics for physics staff and students in 2016/17
IOP - Academic Appointments in Physics: an IOP survey with a reference date of December 2008 that was carried out to determine the current state of the academic physics community in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Its objectives were three-fold:
  • to establish the current breakdown of the community in terms of gender, grade and research activity, and compare this with previous surveys
  • to discover the movements into and out of the community over the last five years
  • to help inform policy activities of the Institute

IOP - Diversity in University Physics: a concise overview of the diversity profiles of academic staff in university physics cost centres in the UK, based on HESA data 2007/08.

IOP - Benchmarking data - Information sheets containing data to help benchmark physics students and staff in UK Higher Education Institutions

Other Useful Documents and Links
European Commission: Creating Sustainable Careers report.

HESA - Higher Education Statistics Agency hesa_logo_web.png

HESA - Staff at Higher Education Institutions in the United Kingdom 2019/20