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Professor Julie Staunton

Julie Staunton is a professor in the Physics Department and currently heads the Theoretical Physics Group. This Group has a breadth of interests ranging from biophysics and other 'soft matter', complex fluid dynamics and molecular dynamics to quantum effects on the nanoscale down to very low temperatures.

The main theme running through her own research is a description of materials via a careful account of their electronic "glue". This requires high performance computing techniques to apply quantum theory. She studies theoretical metallic magnetism in this way and has on-going projects on spintronics, nanomagnetism and also materials for energy efficient refrigeration. A strength of the work is that it is typically 'first principled' so that many aspects can be tested in quantitative detail by a range of experimental measurements. Her group collaborates with several others both nationally and internationally and participates actively in large European materials modelling networks.

Working at Warwick......
"I joined the Department in 1984 as a lecturer following post-doctoral work at Imperial College, London and post-graduate study at Bristol University. Along the way I have received a lot of support to develop my career and feel lucky to have such a rewarding job. As a senior member of the Department I contribute to its strategic development which has been quite dramatic over the last decade. Whilst I thoroughly enjoy trying to unravel the reasons why materials behave the way they do in my research, it is also a great time to be teaching physics at University owing to the flourishing state of the subject as demonstrated by recent headline discoveries."
- Julie Staunton