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US March 09 : Nonlinear Markov Games (Adverserial and Stochastic Elements in Autonomous Systems Workshop at Washington, March 2009)

ISAAC 09 : SDE Driven by Nonlinear Levy Noise (ISAAC Congress London July 2009)

Warwick MIR 09 : Game Theory for Crime Prevention (MIR day at Warwick)

Leicester 09 : Markov Models of Interaction and Dynamic Law of Large Numbers (local seminar, Leicester)

Swansea 10 : Feynman Path Integral via Jump- type Markov Processes (workshop on Feynman path integrals, January 2010, Swansea)

Warwick April 10: General flows of deterministic and stochastic replicator dynamics (Dynamics in Games and Economics workshop, 11-13 April 2010, Warwick)

Sweden May10: Nonlinear Markov processes and games via SDEs driven by nonlinear Levy noise (Stochastic Analysis Workshop 20-21 May 2010 at Linneaus University, Vaxjo, Sweden)

Pisa June 10: Nonlinear Markov games (16th Conference of the International Linear Algebra Society (ILAS))

Budapest July 10 (1): Nonlinear Markov games (MTNS2010, Hungary)

Budapest July 10 (2): Stochastic Perturbations of Deterministic Optimization Problems with Applications to a Spin Control Problem (MTNS2010, Hungary)

Kiev Aug 10: Construction of linear and nonlinear Markov processes via SDEs driven by nonlinear L\'evy noise (Humboldt Kolleg)

US Aug 10: Nonlinear Markov games (Dynamics and Control Program review, 9-12 August 2010, Arlington VA)

Bristol Nov 10: Nonlinear Markov chains and nonlinear L\'evy processes as dynamic LLN for interacting particles (local seminar, Bristol Uni)

Mexico Mar 11: Rainbow options via the interval model of stock prices