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Location and Facilities

Location and Facilities

10 buildings at the heart of the University of Warwick.

Our presence on campus

At the heart of the University campus, we have ten industry leading facilities where academics, researchers, scientists and engineers collaborate with partners, driving innovation and shaping the future.

Our address
International Manufacturing Centre
University of Warwick
United Kingdom


Prof. Lord Bhattacharyya Building

The Prof. Lord Bhattacharyya Building is home to the National Automotive Innovation Centre, a partnership between WMG, TATA Motor European Technical Centre and Jaguar Land Rover.
The National Automotive Innovation Centre is driving the future of the automotive industry from the heart of the United Kingdom. A beacon for automotive research it brings together the brightest minds from industry and academia, to develop future vehicles and mobility solutions.

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National Automotive Innovation Centre

International Manufacturing Centre (IMC)

The International Manufacturing Centre focuses on educating the brightest minds to shape our future. The innovative research delivered in this building enables resilient and smart manufacturing, the production of sustainable materials, safe and inclusive transportation, and the development of data, connectivity and immersive tools. As well as delivering industrial relevant education to help shape our future, IMC is also home to the Centre for Imaging, Metrology and Additive Technologies (CiMAT) which conducts world-leading fundamental and applied material scanning and Additive Manufacturing research. From developing pioneering methods at the forefront of forensic science, to implementing new Additive Manufacturing methods, the research conducted in CiMAT revolves around finding solutions to challenges across multiple sectors, generating a tangible impact on society.

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Additive Manufacturing Research

Metrology and 3D Imaging

Cyber Security Research

Forensic Centre for Digital Scanning and 3D Printing

International Digital Laboratory (IDL)

Providing the ideal educational and research environment to help the brightest talents develop skills and acquire knowledge needed to make a difference.

As well as delivering industrial relevant education, we conduct world leading fundamental and applied research here to enable safe and inclusive transportation, improve health and wellbeing through innovative digital technologies, and tackle current and emerging challenges in modern cyber systems.

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Healthcare Technologies

Cyber Security

International Institute for Product and Service Innovation (IIPSI)

In our International Institute for Product and Service Innovation the focus is on future digital and connected technology that enables the development of leading innovative products and services.

Energy Innovation Centre (EIC)

Our Energy Innovation Centre is a national facility for battery research across the R&D process from materials and electrochemistry through to application integration and recycling / re-use. Our facilities support test, development and scale up of new battery chemistries from concept through to full proven traction batteries, produced in sufficient quantities for detailed industrial evaluation in target applications.

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Battery Systems Research

Degree Apprenticeship Centre

Our innovative new Degree Apprenticeship Centre is a unique learning environment. We have open spaces for collaborative and individual work, technology-enabled seminar rooms and a purpose-built, multifunctional, laboratory for activity-based teaching and learning using state of the art equipment.

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Degree Apprenticeships

DAC Building

Materials Engineering Centre (MEC)

WMG’s Materials Engineering Centre, delivering industrially-relevant education and enabling application-driven research at ‘engineering scale’. This facility also houses the National Polymer Processing Centre (NPPC), and the Automotive Composites Research Centre (ACRC).

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Advanced Materials Manufacturing Centre (AMMC)

Our Advanced Steel Research Centre (ASRC) focuses on steelmaking, rapid alloy processing, advanced characterisation, microscopy and sensors. Our research in the Advanced Materials Manufacturing Centre also provides the opportunity to comprehensively investigate the feasibility and stability of new manufacturing processes.

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International Institute for Nanocomposites Manufacturing (IINM)

Here, we exploit sustainable polymer science and engineering to enable the scale-up and commercialisation of products with added functionality.
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Nanocomposites Research

Engineering Management Building

The hub for our master’s programmes, the Engineering Management Building is located on Westwood Campus.