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CAD Tutorials

The software used for this project was Autodesk 123D Design. This is free software which can be downloaded at

A range of tutorials to learn to use this software is available on the website for the Schools CAD and 3D Printing Project

WMG Project Officer, Diane Burton ran a workshop at the Action Duchenne International Conference 2015 on 6th November 2015. The workshop looked at the design process for four simple assistive technology products designed and 3D printed during our Assistive Technology project, Below are tutorial resources for producing the design files for these products in Autodesk 123D Design:

Straw bung for a bottle Written tutorial Video tutorial
Straw support for a cup, mug or glass Written tutorial Video tutorial
Pot noodle holder with grips Written tutorial Measuring sheet Video tutorial
Angled pot noodle holder Written tutorial Video tutorial