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Outreach Student Projects

Student Outreach Projects

University of Warwick students lead and collaborate on engineering projectsLink opens in a new window as part of a module with the School of EngineeringLink opens in a new window.

They are supported by WMGLink opens in a new window, the High Value Manufacturing CatapultLink opens in a new window and industry partners to design and build engineering projects.

The WMG Outreach TeamLink opens in a new window also support the students in delivering outreach activities to inspire young audiences about careers in engineering.


The Outreach component of the Student Projects aims to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers, and to raise awareness with young audiences of the contribution of engineering to society.

What are the Student Projects about?

Hear from David Cooper, our Student Projects lead.

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Who are the students working on those projects?

Hear from Prem Gill, Warwick Racing Team Leader.

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“Following on his visit at WMG, my son now feels inspired to do a degree apprenticeship in mechanical engineering. Thank you for giving him a clear sense of direction. He […] was very impressed by the Engineering student [from Warwick Racing] who spoke to him. He gave him a real insight on course choices and what it’s like to study Engineering at Warwick!  Year 9 student's parent - Tudor Grange Academy, Worcester – 2023

Warwick Robotics

The students design robots to locate survivors in hazardous environments, such as earthquake disaster zones.

Their popular outreach activity introduces young audiences to programming and remote controlled vehicles and robots.

Spot the robot dog at the Resonate Festival in April 2022

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Warwick Rail

In Warwick Rail students design and manufacture a miniature railway locomotive to compete in the IMechE Railway Challenge.

Their outreach activity gives an opportunity for young people to experience programming and automation.

George and Poppy at the UniExplorer event in February 2023

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Warwick Racing

At Warwick Racing students produce a high-performance, single-seat racing vehicle worthy of the Silverstone Circuit.

Their outreach activity brings to life concepts like drag force and aerodynamics in ways that can be understood by a young audience.

Nathan at the Slice of Science Festival 2023

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Warwick Submarine

The Sub Team design, build and race submarines for which all propulsive power has to be produced by a SCUBA-equipped pilot. They showcase their work to a range of audiences each year.

Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology (IMarEST) 118th Annual Dinner 2023

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Warwick Moto

Warwick Moto is a student racing team which aims to develop, build and race an electric superbike. They attend many public events to demonstrate the capabilities of the bike.

International Women in Engineering Day 2022

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CyberWomen@Warwick students building a diverse and supportive community at the University of Warwick, empowering women in cyber security

Through School Outreach, they aim to Inspire and empower young minds, school outreach promotes diversity, encourages interest, and cultivates future talent in cybersecurity.

CyberWomen at Catch tbe Flag

CyberWoman@Warwick X OWASP Capture the Flag

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WMG Design Challenge

A competition aimed at state-funded secondary schools.

Each Student Project Team have developed design briefs, some with suggested complexity and age audience, this competition is open to KS3, KS4 and KS5. It can be run as part of lesson in Design and Technology, Engineering, Computer Science or as part of an extra-curricular STEM club.

WMG Design Challenge GuidanceLink opens in a new window Open this guidance to find out how to enter and more details about the competition

Click on the Student Project Logos below for the design briefs from each team, which one will you go for?

Warwick Racing

How important is the chassis of a racing car? What are the important factors to consider when designing a car to go fast? Warwick racing would like you to design a new chassis, and to further think about aerodynamics and ergonomics.

Warwick Moto

How do electric turbines work? Can you explore how you can create electricity? Warwick Moto would like you design and build your own wind turbine, that can generate electricity. Explore components that create power. Could you design the best blades to turn it?

Warwick Fighting Robots

What would win in a fight? Warwick Fighting Robots need you to design a weapon of choice for their fighting robot, for when it is in combat with other fighting robots.

Warwick Submarine

Help Warwick Submarine win the race, they need your help to design a propulsion system that will get them moving quickly through water.What can you design to help them win the race?

Warwick Rail

The train is out of control! Warwick Rail need you to design a control panel, with all important controls, to be able to drive the train safely. What does the driver need to know and be able to do?

CyberWomen@ Warwick

Cyber Security is important to everyone, CyberWomen@ Warwick would like you to design a website / application that will train users on different areas of cyber security and how not to fall victim to various threats.

The Students Teams took part in the Resonate Festival during British Science Week at the Slice of Event. The results of our impact evaluationLink opens in a new window below show the attitude and knowledge of our young people towards Engineering and STEM before taking part in the event and highlights the importance of using student-led outreach to inspire the next generation of engineers.


To find out more about the project, have a look at our impact reportLink opens in a new window.

Project Contact

Caroline Cannon

Outreach Project Officer

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