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Accept your Offer and Clear your Conditions

Accept your Offer

Please accept or decline your offer as soon as you have decided whether or not to study with us. You can accept or decline your offer even if it is conditional on you providing more documents at a later date. All you need to do is log into student records and complete the online form; you will need your student ID number and date of birth from your offer letter to access the portal.

If you have accepted your conditional offer, you do not need to accept it again when your unconditional offer is made.

Why is it important to accept or decline my offer?

It is very important for us to know your intentions. We do not ask for deposits in advance because some students may not be in a position to pay. However, we do ask that you keep us informed about whether you will be joining us in September.

If you are unsure whether or not to accept and want more information about the course, department or University, please contact wmg-admissions at warwick dot ac dot uk - we are here to help.

Accepting your offer does not commit you to paying fees in advance; they only become due at the start of the term once you have arrived.

For overseas students - it is essential that you have accepted your offer to start the visa process. We are not issuing CAS at this stage, but this will become important in early summer 2019. If you have an unconditional offer but haven't accepted it, we will not be able to issue your CAS, so accepting your offer as soon as you can to ensure this process isn't held up. For more information on CAS, please see the visa information section.

Clearing Conditions

Remember that as well as accepting your offer; you will need to clear any conditions that remain. If you need to send us final degree transcripts/certificates, please remember that we cannot accept scanned versions, you must send us an original paper version or attested copy. Details of the acceptable format for final documents are here.

We do not require original paper copies of English test results, email wmg-admissions at warwick dot ac dot uk a scan of your final IELTS or TOEFL iBT result, or forward a copy of the Pearson PDF report.

Accept or decline your offer via Student Records