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Customer Experience & Consumer Insight


Customer Experience (CX) tools and techniques are key to the modern enterprise, particularly for eBusiness and eCommerce companies. At its essence, successful CX is achieved at the intersection of people, process, and technology, each of which represents a key theme of the module:

  • People: concerning the business's customers but also its staff. This aspect includes sessions on selling, customer requirements, influencing, and the use of social media channels to manage relationships.
  • Process: a key determiner of successful CX implementations is integrating the technologies and techniques with business process. In this part of the module participants will be introduced to process mapping and re-engineering.
  • Technology: the final aspect concerns CX solutions themselves. Participants will be working with an industry standard CX solutions, and analytical tools to support consumer insight and customer analytics.

The module aims to give students first-hand experience at the cutting-edge of customer experience and consumer insight. This incorporates the cutting-edge technologies, strategic practices of CX, and the analytical process required to derive the insights that power the personalised experiences today's customer expect. The module has a strong, practical focus, with participants gaining hands-on exposure to the latest tools and methods, and culminates in a hands-on simulation of CX practice in a real-world setting


Upon successful completion participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of eCustomer Relationship Management and Customer Experience Management
  • Critically evaluate and map customer touchpoints, and evaluate opportunities for optimisation
  • Evaluate a range of customer data sources, and analysis methods, and implement a variety of analytical solutions
  • Critically evaluate complex organisational structures and determine appropriate implementation plans


1) Customer Relationship Management
- What is CRM?
- CRM technology
- People, process, technology
2) Customer Experience Management & Social CRM
- What is CX?
- CX technology
- Touchpoint mapping
- Online branding
3) Consumer insight and customer analytics
- Segmentation / clustering
- Customer profiles
- Consumer research
- Data mining
4) Creating a customer experience plan
- Market and competitor research
- CX planning
- Integrating CX in the organisation
- Brand management and guardianship
5) A practical simulation of the above topics


  • Customer Experience Presentation (30%)
  • 4,000 words Post Module Assignment (70%)


2 weeks including 18 hours of lectures, 15 hours of seminars and 12 hours of practical classes

This is a course module on the e-Commerce and Digital Analytics specialism of MSc e-Business Management.

Please note: the details of this module are correct for the current year of study and may be subject to change for future years.