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Digital Retail Strategy


Digital technologies play an increasingly important role in modern retail practice. Alongside obvious examples such as online sale channels (e.g. eCommerce), digital plays a role in the whole product lifecycle, from inception to market development and internationalisation. This module will explore all of these interactions and the impact they are having on modern retail practice

The principal aims of this module are to provide students with a detailed understanding of latest practice in international retail practice, and the disruptive digital technologies that are increasingly utilised in the field. The module emphasises the practical implementing of digital retail strategy, and covers the whole product lifecycle, including:
1) Product inception and creation
2) Product development and R&D
3) Manufacturing and launch
4) Sales strategy and the digital sales force
5) Growth and internationalisation

Throughout students will be given hands-on experience of the latest, cutting-edge technologies and will explore the importance of digitalisation of the retail industry


Upon successful completion participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of retail strategies and the impacts of digitalisation upon them
  • Critically analyse industries and competitors to develop new initiatives and products
  • Critically analyse advanced digital retail solutions and evaluate their suitability to specific use cases
  • Develop comprehensive digital retail strategies to manage the entire project lifecycle
  • Critically analyse the risks associated with a digital retail strategy, and develop appropriate migitagtions to manage them


1) Retailing key concepts
- Niche vs mainstream
- B2B and B2C
- Global brands

2) Digital and physical retail
- Online selling
- Digital store management
- Partnerships
- Multichannel and omnichannel

3) The product lifecycle
- Product concept and R&D
- Manufacturing and product development
- Launching a product and sales planning
- Customer experience strategies for retail

4) Growth and internationalisation
- Growth planning for retail
- Internationalisation
- The digital sales force

5) eCommerce and digital retail technology
- eCommerce platforms
- CMS systems
- System integration and operations technology

4) A practical simulation of the above topics


  • Retail Development Presentation (30%)
  • 4,000 words Post Module Assignment (70%)


2 weeks including 24 hours of lectures and 21 hours of seminars,

This is a course module on the Digital Marketing specialism of the MSc e-Business Management.

Please note: the details of this module are correct for the current year of study and may be subject to change for future years.