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Interns for Manufacturing Businesses

Interns for Manufacturing Businesses

Are you looking for fresh thinking to innovate and drive your business forward?

The WMG Internship Programme taps into a talented pool of students, graduates and post graduates across the UK to help you find the best candidate for the business challenges you aim to tackle. As part of the programme, the intern is supported half day a week by a WMG Engineer, to ensure that your project is delivered timely and at a high standard.

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“Working with WMG’s Intern programme has been such a fruitful process, we couldn’t have asked for anymore" Brian Garforth, Managing Director, Alphateq Ltd

How does it work?

Our multidisciplinary expertise means we are able to supervise projects in a range of areas including manufacturing, materials, product development, digital systems, Industry 4.0, automation and business models. Is there a project you would like to advance, a product that needs developing, a process that needs improving that could benefit from two months' focused support?


Embrace the future of your workforce with our internship scheme, offering access to the next generation of talent and skills. Joining our programme not only provides businesses with the latest manufacturing technology but also offers invaluable support from WMG research teams. Stay ahead of the curve and foster innovation within your organisation, securing a competitive edge in today's dynamic market.


The costs for internships for SMEs are £4000+VAT for an 8-week internship or £5500+VAT for a 12-week internship.

For larger companies, please enquire via


To be eligible to take part in the internship programme you must;

  • Be a registered business
  • Open to companies active in manufacturing in the UK

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