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Automation Systems Group (ASG)

ASG's capabilities

We are the Automation Systems Group (ASG), a research group designed to support businesses in automating their systems physical and software. We develop the tools and technologies to create the factories of the future. With a focus on the lifecycle of automation in manufacturing, process control, and embedded systems, we collaborate with industry partners to establish core expertise in reconfigurable modular automation systems, and related engineering tools and methods.

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Our key capabilities

Our core expertise...

The Automation Systems Group (ASG), led by Prof Robert Harrison, pioneers Industry 4.0 and manufacturing digitalisation, creating virtual twins and deploying cutting-edge control systems. Our internationally acclaimed research reshapes how automation systems are engineered, emphasising digital validation, scalable connectivity, and advanced analytics. We focus on developing data-centric manufacturing processes, deploying information-driven systems across all levels, from shop floor to top floor, revolutionising the entire production lifecycle.

Partnerships and real-world impact...

ASG works to support, advise, and collaborate with industrial partners across different sectors and across the supply chain to deliver impact to businesses. From Agritech to Aerospace, our industrial and R&D activities are conducted in close partnership with end users, and encompass their product and manufacturing supply chains; a mix of large, medium, and small enterprises.


Supporting the Green Industrial Revolution by equipping organisations with automation systems expertise

Together with Automation Systems Group Teaching Fellow Rehan Khan, Head of Automation Systems Group at WMG, University of Warwick Professor Robert Harrison offers a thought-provoking insight into the imperative need for organisations to invest in workforce skills to support the Green Industrial Revolution.


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