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Healthcare Technologies

Healthcare Technologies

Implementing Advanced Healthcare Solutions

We respond to the ever-growing needs of health and care providers, businesses and the Third sector to discover, develop and deploy advanced healthcare solutions for: personalised medicine from community to acute settings; secure data collection, management, and interpretation; health systems improvement and behaviour change; and meeting Net Zero obligations. We offer modular and full-time skills training across many Levels in related techniques and management. We often work collaboratively on end-to-end solutions with other University Departments such as Warwick Business School, Statistics and Chemistry, and our partner NHS Trusts and national and international collaborators.

Focus areas

Advanced technologies, devices and materials

We specialise in Metrology, X-ray Computed Tomography, and Additive Manufacturing. Our high-resolution laser scanning and microfocus CT enable 3D characterisation of internal and external structures. We address joint and cardiac biomechanics for disease diagnosis and surgical planning using physics-based (FEM) and data-driven (ML/AI) modelling, image processing, motion tracking, and more. Our AM focuses on advanced functional metallic and multi-material solutions that enhance personalisation and reduce costs. Our visual and multi-modal communication technologies enable the real world to be accurately simulated and experienced. Our nanocomposites capability encompasses fundamental and applied research to manufacture innovative materials, devices and components with unique properties and tailored functionality with high antibacterial/antiviral/antifungal efficacy.

Data collection, management and interpretation

We pursue foundational research across statistical Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, including reinforcement learning, computer vision, and Natural Language Processing, to progress core capabilities in perception, reasoning, prediction, and decision-making. We apply our ML innovations to enable autonomous agents, enhance imaging-based diagnoses, and unlock insights from unstructured data at new scales. We develop technologies that take advantage of emerging AI and 5G/6G Technologies to deploy Connected/Cooperative Intelligent Systems. We develop cutting-edge solutions to enhance the trustworthiness, security, and resilience of cyber systems.

Health systems improvement and behaviour change

We develop systematic methodologies and simulation tools integrating complex service system information to enhance overall quality improvement, with a focus on achieving "right-first-time" capability, including technologies to automate physical and software systems to create the factories and hospitals of the future. Our experiential engineers conduct mixed-methods research to understand human interaction with technology in simulated and real-world settings, specialising in human behaviour, performance analysis, and evaluations to enhance end-user experience and task efficiency.

Robust and secure supply chains

We are at the forefront of developing and applying innovative supply chain strategies and practical solutions to boost resilience, increase productivity, improve sustainability, create value, and digitally transform the supply chain. We resolve complex business and organisational problems across sectors.We develop frameworks and tools to quantify Net–Zero Supply Chain (Scope 3 emission), LCA, carbon accounting, circular supply chain, sustainable procurement, ESG risk and sustainability assessment.

Sustainability and Net Zero

Our expertise in materials and chemical engineering, polymer processing, Life Cycle Assessment, environmental science, and microbiology focusseson interdisciplinary approaches to develop sustainable materials and manufacturing processes across the full technology supply chain.We

develop biodegradable, natural, and biobased polymers for greater resource efficiency and reduction carbon footprint; sustainable plastic solutions for raw material suppliers to manufacturers and end users; and process and structural simulation to materials formulation, from fundamental characterization to full-scale industrial manufacturing.

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