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IV Sensors

Intelligent Vehicles (IV) Sensors Group

Sensors for Intelligent Vehicles

Environmental perception sensors (i.e. cameras, LiDARs, RADARs, etc.) are the interface between the world (real or simulated) and the assisted and automated driving functions (either the real system or a virtual one). Sensors are the enablers for future mobility, infrastructure management, robotics, and industrial automation by linking the real world with automation systems.

The focus of our group is “Robust Sensing”, as the quality of sensor data is key for any decision-making process in these systems, either based on traditional algorithms or AI-based ones.

Our research activities aim to turn ideas into feasible, robust and viable industrial products and solutions, with the collaboration, support, and sponsorship of multiple industrial partners.

We work with companies large and small at every stage of their innovation journey. Our product offerings will help develop your business - whether you want to start by testing new concepts with a short study, engage with us on a specific development, or invest in a longer-term, more strategic large project. We have designed, developed and we deliver a MSc degree in Smart, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles for full time students and as a level 7 degree apprenticeship to industry.

Success stories


Special Interest Group (SIG) - Sensors

Leading the AESIN Sensors - Special Interest Group (SIG)

We work in strong collaboration with AESIN, aiming to promote collaboration and knowledge sharing across industries and academia in the UK. Prof. Donzella leads the one of the five SIG around sensors for CAM, and have recently published a white paper with the outcomes of the sensor supply chain workshop.

Video camera compression for machine learning perception in assisted and automated driving

The IV Sensors has been working in strong collaboration with automotive sensor suppliers to understand if lossy compression can be applied to camera data without affecting the performance of machine learning perception algorithms, e.g. vehicle detection. Take a look at the insight piece and publications for more details.

Key Project


We are part of a funded EU Horizon project, ROADVIEW, seeking to design robust perception in the presence of harsh weather conditions, including rain, fog and snow.

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