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Secure Cyber Systems

Secure Cyber Systems

What do we do?

The Secure Cyber Systems Research Group (SCSRG) brings together a vibrant community of over 25 researchers and practitioners in security, privacy, trust and resilience engineering to tackle current and emerging research challenges in modern cyber systems.

The SCSRG develops state-of-the-art solutions and methods that can be used to study and enhance the trustworthiness and resilience of such systems and cyberinfrastructures within which they operate.

SCSGR demonstrates significant contributions in:

  • Privacy-preserving and resilient operations
  • Cyber effects modelling
  • Trust-by-design integration in value chains
  • Information accuracy and credibility in communicating trustworthiness.
  • Markets and service ecosystem design of data exchanges and marketplaces
  • Economic and business model design for transforming businesses

Centre of Excellence

WMG at the University of Warwick is recognised as a NCSC-EPSRC Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research. Professor Carsten Maple is the Principal Investigator for the ACE-CSR, which is based on the University’s Cyber Security Global Research Priority. The University has a long history of undertaking research in, what now falls under, cyber security.

Focus Areas

Trustworthy Digital Ecosystems

Researchers in the group develop new methods for measuring and communicating resilience and trustworthiness, establishing implementable trusted-by-design and resilient-by-design principles for humans, machines and organisations. Areas include, but are not limited to, perceived trustworthiness estimation and assessment and trustworthiness frameworks.

Decentralised Data Servers

We design and develop infrastructure and tooling for data ecosystems that are distributed and decentralised, enabling the use of public and private funds to achieve large scale coordination more efficiently with data portability and interoperability.

Cyberthreat and Effects Modelling

The group engages with research activities in systematic and in-depth quantification of the threat landscape and risk exposure with a full semantic representation of current and anticipated threats in different environments. We design and implement different threat source characterisation and mitigation techniques tailored to tackle research and technical problems.

Adversarial Machine Learning

We develop novel benchmarks and metrics for the resilience of ML models against adversarial actions. The group investigates the ability of existing ML models to adapt to adversarial manipulations in critical mission operations with applications in different sectors such as nuclear and space.

Cyber Resilience and System Security Engineering

The group develops novel techniques, methods and approaches for systems engineered to be safe, secure and resilient in distributed and hostile environments. The group delivers various research activities in resilience engineering ranging from its mathematical ramifications to policy implementation and process assessment for different resilience steps.

Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET)

The group develops privacy-enhancing security solutions and algorithms to ensure minimum information disclosure and policy compliance. We derive novel ways to apply PET in various real-life problems where competing privacy,security and commercial requirements exist. These problems range from user identification to financial transactions at micro levels, design of institutional structures at meso levels and design of policy and interventions at the macro levels.

Physical Layer Security

We design and develop novel key establishment schemes. Throughout our research activities, we seek to increase key generations rates and entropy fully underpinned by novel algorithmic processes tested in the field.

Distributed Technologies for Defensive Cyber Operations

We investigate the use of distributed ledger technologies for attack identification and mitigation and threat characterisation in modern cyberinfrastructures. We develop novel distributed applications and algorithms to ensure data integrity and immutability and assist in the detection of disruptive events with applications in different contexts.

Recent publications

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