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Pre-Doctoral with Research Methods Programme

The University of Warwick is delighted to introduce the Pre-Doctoral with Research Methods Programme designed for non-native English- speaking postgraduate students working at globally-orientated universities. The programme can either take place over 1 month or 2 months, and aims to bring together research students from similar disciplines who are looking to develop both their research and academic English skills. The programme also includes opportunities for networking with other postgraduate students from the University of Warwick and other participating universities. All of our courses are designed and taught by faculty of Warwick University's Applied Linguistics Department, with guest lecturers brought in from the wider university when required.

The cost of the Pre-Doctoral with Research Methods Programme is:
1 month - £3,400 or 2 months - £6,800
including all tuition fees and accommodation.

Key aims of the course

  • To build proficiency and confidence in English communication skills relevant to the following:
    • Presenting at conferences
    • Conducting focus groups
    • Writing research reports, academic papers etc
    • Locating and accessing academic papers and other research materials
    • Engaging in face-to-face and virtual networking activities for developing and maintaining academic collaborations
  • To improve competency and confidence in using English in a range of academic and professional settings and situations
  • To develop participants’ ability to conduct educational research and publish papers in English
  • To introduce participants first-hand to aspects of British academic culture and provide opportunities to engage in direct networking activities with relevant departments at the University of Warwick
  • To develop digital networking skills for developing successful academic collaborations
  • To encourage students to become reflective and autonomous researchers