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Application Form - EFL Lecturers Professional Development Course


Course dates - Monday 15th July until Friday 2nd August 2019

This new three week course will help participants to develop their English language teaching skills.

The programme is designed for university lecturers who are teaching English as a Foreign Language in a tertiary environment. Participants will receive the very best English language teaching support from our experienced team of professional English language teacher trainers, as well as focussed development of their teaching skills.

**Closing date for applications is 24th June 2019**

Key features of the course

  • To improve teachers' competency and confidence in using English in a range of social and professional contexts, both inside and outside of the classroom.
  • To develop teachers' knowledge of a range of language teaching methodologies and the confidence and skills to apply them effectively in the classroom.
  • To give teachers the capacity to select and develop teaching materials that are relevant, engaging and authentic.
  • To familiarise teachers with a wide range of technological tools to enhance their own learning and future teaching practice.
  • To promote teachers' ability to support their own professional development, whilst providing a wholly immersive learning experience.
  • To encourage teachers to become reflective practitioners.
  • To provide an opportunity for teachers to engage in observed teaching practice and receive feedback on their performance.