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Our Aims and Activities

The Aims of Our Work in Language Support

  • To support and assist international students in making the most of their learning experience at the University of Warwick, through the provision of relevant, effective language support programmes, activities and materials;
  • To provide ongoing teaching, training and advice to international students in all areas of academic language study;
  • To work with a wide range of stakeholders within the university and beyond to achieve these aims.

Our Activities

Our language teaching staff are qualified and trained to work in a specialised capacity with international students. All hold relevant postgraduate qualifications and teaching qualifications. Language tutors are, variously, involved in:

  • Teaching (courses and one-to-one support) in English for Academic Purposes
  • Assessment of language proficiency
  • Internal moderation of courses, such as the English component of the Higher Education Foundation Programme
  • Specialised participation in Short Courses designed and delivered by the Centre
  • Advice and support for international students
  • Publication of a range of teaching materials (e.g. course books, reference books and electronic materials).
  • Research activities and academic publications
  • Editorial work
  • External examining and assessment of outside courses
  • Outreach activities
  • Conference presentations and attendance
  • University-wide equal opportunities and disability issues
  • Staff development for international lecturers
  • Provision of advice on English language entry levels and qualifications
  • Induction events for students across the university
  • Training and support for those working with international students