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Undergraduate Diploma in English Language, Media & Intercultural Communication


What is the Diploma Course?

The Diploma is for students who wish to improve their English language skills, and also their awareness of intercultural communication and the skills involved in being a global citizen. It offers the experience of 10 weeks of study in an academic English language environment at one of the UK's leading universities. At the end of the course successful students receive a Warwick University Diploma.

The course consists of 4 modules, each with a language/culture focus and its own tailored language support:

  1. English and Second Language Acquisition
  2. English Language, Society and Context
  3. English and Intercultural Communication
  4. Introduction to British Culture through the Media

Each module completed successfully will earn students 12 credits toward their home university degree programmes (48 credits in total). READ MORE...


Why take the course?

  • Develop your English language skills through studying 4 interesting content modules
  • Benefit from English language support and practice in each of the 4 modules
  • Become part of the Warwick University community, with access to all its facilities
  • Build new friendships in a friendly and exciting environment
  • Receive a Warwick University Diploma certificate
  • Spend a term overseas, immersed in the language and culture
  • Earn a Warwick Diploma and 48 credits toward your home university degree
  • Become a global citizen by increasing your intercultural competence, mixing with students from other cultures and developing an international outlook and cross-cultural communication skills
  • Increase your employment prospects


    Undergraduate Diploma in ELMIC 2019-2020

    Course details & how to apply