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Global Timings

Aspects of British Culture, Presentation Skills & Academic Skills

Modules are available at 09:00 or 16:00 (British Summer Time)
France, Germany, Italy, Spain BST + 1 hour
Eastern Europe (eg Poland, Czech Republic) BST + 1 hour
Eastern Europe (eg Baltic States, Egypt) BST + 1 hour
Russia (Moscow), Turkey BST + 2 hours

Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait)

BST + 2 hours

Middle East (United Arab Emirates)

BST + 3 hours

Central Asia including Uzbekistan

BST + 4 hours

Central Asia including Kazakhstan

BST + 5 hours
Thailand, Indonesia (Jakarta), Vietnam BST + 6 hours
China, Hong Kong BST + 7 hours
Japan, South Korea BST + 8 hours
South America including Argentina BST - 4 hours
South America including Brazil, Venezuela, Chile BST - 5 hours
South America including Ecuador, Colombia, Peru BST - 6 hours
If you have any questions, please contact us.