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EGC - Course Details - 3rd - 28th August 2020

Course Content
  • English Language Development focussing on listening and speaking. Aiming to enhance grammatical accuracy and fluency.
  • Strategies for Intercultural Communication, through the exploration of communication across different cultures and social groups. Focus on building skills to help organisations benefit from diversity, minimise misunderstandings and strengthen inclusivity. This module uses diverse teaching strategies and class activities.
  • Culture in the Arts and Media. An overview of the similarities and differences between the classics of English literature and more contemporary texts including Shakespeare and other British dramatists.
  • Contemporary Topics designed to prepare participants for life in the UK, offering an introduction to British culture and attitudes.
  • Presentation Skills to include structuring and signalling phrases, 'chunking', intensive pronunciation practice, voice projection and handling questions.
  • Cultural Research Project, working in groups of three or four, participants research areas of interest relating to their chosen project. Supporting sessions including how to structure and organise a report, linking phrases and academic language are also included.
  • Diverse, creative teaching methods including Open Space Learning. Employing drama techniques used by the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, participants are encouraged to move fluidly within the teaching space and become energised and empowered.
  • Guided Cultural Visits to Warwick (including a British Afternoon Tea), Stratford Upon Avon (including Shakespeare's birthplace) and London. Maps and summaries of destinations are provided before each accompanied trip.