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Research Groups

How do you tackle the emerging social science issues of our times?

We have a number of research groups within the department that cover the full range of economic issues.

These groups feature world-renowed academics who are producing leading research in topics such as microeconomics, econometrics and political economics.

By producing cutting-edge research through these diverse groups, we aim to make a real world impact by pioneering new genres for economic academic study, providing recommendations and solutions to policy makers and promoting research-based analysis and commentary.

Engage and develop

Each group meets at least once each term and all members are encouraged to be effectively engaged.

Each research group is allowed to develop organically and define its own agenda.


Seminars and workshops

We have a lively research environment that is built around weekly seminars organised by each of the research groups, with external speakers visiting to present a research paper and answer questions.

Workshops are also held that give academics in the department the chance to debate, discuss and collaborate on research ideas.