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Energy & Political Economy: Local Authorities, Sustainability and Power Distributions

Power Distributions: Local Authorities & Sustainable Energy


This is an ESRC funded, 2-year research project that analyses local authority sustainable energy programmes. Particular attention is paid to the implications of political devolution and decentralising energy systems for local government capacities to govern and for the types of choices that they can make. Case study areas are: West Midlands Combined Authority, Bristol, Cornwall, Nottingham, Peterborough, and Cardiff. Read more.


Conference: Local Authority Sustainable Energy: Opportunities, Constraints, Ways Forward

14th September, Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre, London: this conference designed to bring together personnel working in local authorities on sustainable energy in order to discuss ideas and make new connections.

Tickets are free and can be accessed here, as well as information bursaries for local authority personnel to cover standard train travel and accommodation.

Decentralisations: Political Devolution and Sustainable Transitions

The first project workshop was held on the 17th March 2017 in the Free Word Centre, London. Please see here for the agenda, and below links to selected presentations:

Mike Hodson/Andy McMeekin: 'Reconfiguring Greater Manchester?';

Mags Tingey: 'Comparative Analysis of Local Governance of Energy in the UK';

Nora Smedby: 'Local Environmental Governance Initiatives and Multilevel Policy';

Richard Cowell: 'Making New Spaces for New Energy Politics?';

Caroline Kuzemko: 'A View from the Bottom Up: Local Energy Government'

Project People

Caroline Kuzemko is the principle investigator working on this project. She is an academic with 10 years’ experience in researching the political economy of energy and currently holds an Economics and Social Research Council (ESRC) Future Research Leaders Fellowship. She is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick and sits on the West Midlands Combined Authority Policy Commission on energy. She previously worked for UBS in equities for 8 years.
In July/August 2017 Caroline supervised a project by Nia Hughes on the 'The Politics of Urban Sustainability', which was funded by the University of Warwick GRP Energy URSS scheme. She analysed barriers to and opportunities for city sustainability transitions with a focus on Coventry City Council.


For information on the project please email: Caroline Kuzemko


'Rescaling Energy & Power: Sustainable Energy Transitions in England', Caroline Kuzemko, 7/7/2017.