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Warwick Interdisciplinary Centre for International Development (WICID)


Professor Shirin Rai

Established in 2019, WICID’s mission is to address urgent problems of inequality and social, political and economic change on a global level through our research and impact work.

Interdisciplinary, critical and robust analyses through collaborative knowledge building and exchange characterize WICID’s approach and ensure impact in the fields we work in.

We are committed to working together with our partners across disciplines and institutions to produce world-class research. Through our WICID Methods Lab we will ensure that we develop rigorous, innovative and interdisciplinary methodologies to pursue our collaborative research and impact work. These resources are open access for all working in the field of international development.

The discipline of International Development is at a key moment in its trajectory, with a shift towards understanding issues of development globally. WICID's global networks help us develop a contextual, historicised and critical approach to development issues.

Our ambition is to make WICID a hub for collaborative, cutting-edge research on international development and to contribute to change making for the better. Please subscribe to our newsletter so so that we can keep you up to date with the latest news, events, and opportunities.

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  • Emerging Practices in Regeneration: A Symposium on Feminist Perspectives to Depletion. The Monash Gender, Peace and Security Centre (Monash GPS) and WICID have convened a Roundtable of academics and practitioners. We invite you to join us on 9th September at 9am GMT +1 Warwick time. Register here
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