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Science Net: For ankle fractures, casts are no better than a brace -- new research

The team led by Rebecca Kearney at the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom compared the effects of casts and a moveable brace in adult ankle fractures. They found there was no difference between the two. The British Medical Journal published this result.

Fri 16 Jul 2021, 14:07 | Tags: coverage

China Press: Experts worry about mixed variants of COVID

Professor Lawrence Young, Warwick Medical School, comments that more research is needed to establish the impact of mixed variants. See also China News; Seehua News; FH21 News.


Wed 14 Jul 2021, 12:59 | Tags: expert comment, coverage, COVID19

Sohu/Kai Tak Education: studying in the UK, how to choose employment direction

"As a PhD in Engineering from the University of Warwick, Eric has many years of working experience in the UK workplace, familiar with various industries, job search skills and interview procedures. He has helped British employers interview more than 500 employees and helped students get jobs at HSBC, Standard Chartered, RBS, Deloitte, etc."

Thu 01 Jul 2021, 12:58 | Tags: coverage

China Times: WHO warns that Delta variant is most infectious

Professor Lawrence Young, Warwick Medical School, warns against opening up the UK's Wembley stadium to football fans, because vaccine protection is limited and the Delta variant is circulating.

Thu 01 Jul 2021, 12:35 | Tags: expert comment, coverage, COVID19

Sina Finance: discovery of rare superconductors may be crucial to the future of quantum computing

"In order to ensure that its characteristics have nothing to do with samples and instruments, two different sets of samples were prepared at the University of Warwick and ETH Zurich."

Thu 01 Jul 2021, 12:29 | Tags: coverage

CGTN: Professor Lawrence Young joins Global Business Europe

Professor Lawrence Young, Warwick Medical School, talks about the rise in numbers of the Delta COVID variant, and the importance of getting people vaccinated.

Mon 28 Jun 2021, 13:36 | Tags: expert comment, coverage, COVID19

NTDTV: Experts believe that the spread of the virus precedes the outbreak in Wuhan

Lawrence Young, a professor of molecular oncology at the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom, said that this shows how important it is to understand the early spread of the CCP virus, and that any future investigations really need to seriously study the whole issue. He pointed out that “it is particularly worrying that key data was deleted after being uploaded. This is a very strange behaviour". See also Secret China

Fri 25 Jun 2021, 13:19 | Tags: expert comment, coverage, COVID19

eBio Trade: Will getting up early or going to bed late affect your personality?

Researchers from the Department of Psychology at the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom have discovered links between personality levels, sleep patterns and even genes.

Fri 25 Jun 2021, 11:14 | Tags: coverage

EOL: research reveals relationship between family environment and children's behaviour

Cheng Wei, a young researcher at the Institute of Brain-inspired Intelligence Science and Technology of Fudan University, and an international cooperation team composed of researchers from the University of Oxford and University of Warwick in the UK, for the first time unveiled the interaction between family environment and children's brain structure, cognitive ability, and mental health.

Fri 25 Jun 2021, 10:30 | Tags: coverage

Epoch Times: The fate of the planets in the system after the death of the star is like a "cosmic marble"

Research leader Dimitri Veras of the Department of Physics of the University of Warwick said: "The fate of these planets will be full of possibilities under the mutual influence of gravity. In one case, the innermost planet will be ejected. This system; in another case, the planets in the third orbit are ejected from the system; or the planets in the second and fourth orbits exchange their positions."

Fri 25 Jun 2021, 10:22 | Tags: coverage

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