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Moctezuma's Feast

Latin American specialist Dr Rebecca Earle of the Department of History has organised an event at the British Museum on Saturday 21 November from 10.00am to 5.15pm, offering people the chance to experience Mexican cuisine through the ages. Those attending will be able to sample a variety of Mexican food from the frothed up chocolate and maize cakes of the 16th century to modern day tacos and fajitas.

Rebecca will be joined by several other historians and food experts to guide people through the different stages of Mexican cuisine, and to show how the Aztecs’ eating habits provide a window into their wider culture.

The day will draw on the richness of the objects on display in the current Moctezuma: Aztec Emperor Exhibition at the British Museum. The exhibition's curator will explain how Moctezuma used the beautiful bowls, vessels and ritual objects on display, and will explain the importance of dining to the display of princely power.

Rebecca said: "What we think of today as Mexican cuisine evolved out of a combination of Aztec and European influences. This special event will provide fascinating insights into Latin American culture, showing the integral role food and eating has played in shaping history, not just in Mexico, but for people all over the world, who learned to love the chocolate, tomatoes and chillies on which Moctezuma feasted five hundred years ago."

Moctezuma's Feast will take place on Saturday 21 November from 10.00am to 5.15pm, at the British Museum. Tickets cost £28, or £18 for concessions. For more information and to book, contact The British Museum Box Office on 020 7323 8181 or visit the British Museum website.