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One World Week Forum Event: Anti Terrorism: Freedom vs Security?

Since we watched the Twin Towers crumble into dust on September 11, preconceptions about safety in western civilian areas have been dispelled. Last summer London suffered her own traumatizing blows, sending politicians into a frenzied attempt to quell the violence. In this quest for absolute security, are we losing the very freedoms that we hold dear? This discussion will discuss the methods of combating terrorism across the globe, focusing on the delicate balance of civil liberties and the need for security. Do suppressive government policies diminish violent extremism, or act as fuel to their fires?

Speakers for this talk include:

  • Ms. Kate Allen, Director, Amnesty International UK
  • Mr. Charles V. Peña, Senior Fellow, Coalition for a Realistic Foreign Policy
  • Ms. Shami Chakrabarti, Director, Liberty
  • Professor Upendra Baxi, Professor of Law, University of Warwick

Date: Monday 16 January 2006
Time: 18:30
Venue: Ramphal Lecture Theatre