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Changes to the Jobs Support System - expert comment

Professor Chris Warhurst, Director of the Warwick Institute for Employment Research, comments:-

"While these changes are welcome - they will support businesses in Tier 2 and offer more support for the self-employed - practically, there are questions about whether it is too late to support many of the business in Tier 2 who will by now have had to make decisions about laying staff off; and whether enough of the self-employed are covered and covered to a level that they don't feel badly done to compared to employees.

"Overall it looks like a panic measure in the face of the northern backlash and now London moving in to Tier 2, and raises again the bigger question of a lack of strategic approach to dealing with the economic crisis.

"It is still more about dousing the fires than thinking about how to rebuild the damaged house."

23 October 2020


Sheila Kiggins

Media Relations Manager

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