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"It only takes one person or a small group to daub slogans on a wall" - Dr Charles Turner comments on anti-Polish vandalism in Israel.

Over the weekend the Polish embassy in Tel Aviv was vandalised with swastikas and anti-Polish slogans. Dr Charles Turner from the Department of Sociology comments on how this may affect relations between the two countries, especially in the wake of Poland's controversial Holocaust law:

“The issue of Poland, Israel and the holocaust is a long-running one that has its ups and downs - the downs including the crosses controversy at Auschwitz in the late 1990s, and Jedwabne, the ups the often unreported efforts by young people in both countries to understand one another. The general trend since the collapse of communism has been mostly positive.

“It only takes one person or a small group to daub slogans on a wall. Politicians are generally wary of reacting to such events, but it is noteworthy that the Israeli and Polish prime ministers have spoken on the telephone with a view to setting relations between the two countries on an even keel.”

19 February 2018

Sheila Kiggins

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