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"It's a really interesting snub." Dr Trevor McCrisken comments on the cancellation of Donald Trump's UK visit


Commenting on the tweeted announcment that President Donald Trump has called off his planned London visit, Dr Trevor McCrisken from the Department for Politics and International Studies said:-

"It’s a really interesting snub, it’s double-edged, or triple edged even.

"It’s a bit of a snub to Britain, not coming, and it may be a response to yesterday’s statement on the Iran deal by Boris Johnson.

"It’s an attempted snub to the Obama administration, though really it can’t be held responsible for the decision to move the embassy.

"And it’s also a snub to the area that the Embassy’s moving to – he said it was an “off” part of London. In fact the whole area is being redeveloped and this move is really stimulating the area.

“In fact the main reasons they’re moving is to make a much more secure building – the one in Mayfair was very difficult to protect - and also because it was getting too small.”

12 January 2018


Sheila Kiggins

Media Relations Manager, Social Sciences

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