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"Nice work if you can get it" - Professor Chris Warhurst comments on the Government's Good Work Plan

Chris WarhurstThe Government has today unveiled a package of measures designed to give workers access to "fair and decent work."

BEIS says the reforms will also "provide and give businesses greater clarity on their obligations and ensure the enforcement system is fair and fit for purpose."

Professor Chris Warhurst, Director of the Warwick Institute for Employment Research, comments:

"Delivering more, better work is a priority for the UK. The UK Government is now committed to increasing the number of people in work and improving the quality of their work.

"In the context of concerns about gig workers and a rise in non-standard employment, the Good Work Plan seeks to rebalance workersā€™ rights and employer responsibilities. All workers being given a statement of rights on their appointment is welcome, as are restrictions on employer the use of unfair temporary work contracts and worker rights to request more stable work.

"However, the Government needs to be more ambitious and quickly bring forward measures for job quality to provide transparent on working conditions in the UK. The proposed single Labour Market Enforcement Agency would then be able to develop minimum standards of employment across the whole of the workforce to ensure better working lives for all."

Professor Warhurst is an expert in job quality, skills and employment and contributed to the ā€œMeasuring Good Workā€ report, published earlier this year by Carnegie UK and the RSA, which created a set of job quality measures to inform the Government's thinking on the issue.

  • Professor Warhurst is available for interview today (17th December)

17 December 2018



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