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Oceans in focus at COP26 - Expert Comment

Addresing the COP26 themes of Oceans, Nature and Land use, Dr Jess Savage, Assistant Professor, Global Sustainable Development said:

“Humanity is in a predicament. Not only are we facing a climate crisis, but we are also facing a, perhaps even more critical, biodiversity crisis.

"We often hear the discourse that ‘we need to save the planet’ whereas the reality is that the planet will be just fine, it’s us that won’t be.

"The solution to both issues lies in humanity’s relationship with the environment.

"COP26 is focussed on issues of climate change, and targets are emerging aimed at reducing carbon emissions, methane emissions and rates of deforestation.

"These targets are a step in the right direction, but we have been here before.

"The next step involves reassessing the relationship we have with our natural environment and its resources, which will require a level of international collaboration that we haven’t seen to date.”

Dr Savage's research and teaching interests centre on understanding biodiversity loss, exploring the consequences and impacts of climate and environmental change while critically integrating the ‘human element’. She is a member of the University of Warwick COP26 delegation.

“Being an observer at COP26 offers a unique opportunity to experience how the global community responds to challenges such as Climate Change. I hope to witness a change in the tide of our current approaches to managing Climate Change. Moreover, I look forward to both the opportunity to share the work of Warwick’s staff and students with a global audience, and to bringing back lessons from COP26 to enrich our students' learning.”

Dr Jess Savage | Official delegate at COP26

5 November 2021


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