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Notre-Dame Paris fire: Medieval masons saved the structure

The devastating fire that destroyed the roofs and spire of Notre-Dame in Paris demonstrates the vulnerabilities of medieval cathedrals and great churches, but also reveals the skills of their master-masons, writes Dr Jenny Alexander, from the University of Warwick’s department of the history of art.

Connecting two cultures: Different chapter - same complex story

James Hodkinson is an expert in German literature and history. No, not that bit of German history. His focus is on pre-20th Century Germany’s relationship with Islam.

Children of the (French) Revolution

As the citizens of France celebrate La Fête Nationale (what the English speaking world refers to as Bastille Day), we thought you would like this short lego-based animation, made by Coventry primary school children after visiting the University of Warwick, to demonstrate their understanding of the French Revolution.

Art and the City

Philosopher Henri Lefebvre predicted that the future of art would not be artistic, but urban. As Dr Nicolas Whybrow asks, how can art not be artistic? In this interview, Dr Whybrow examines how art can shift from inside institutions and onto the city streets.

Mon 01 Nov 2010, 09:00 | Tags: Arts & Culture Theatre & Performance History of Art