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World Book Day: creativity and teaching during COVID

On World Book Day (March 4) this year, Warwick’s student teachers will be in an online lesson of their own, using books and bookmaking to inspire ideas and creative methods of teaching, while they look forward to getting back into a real classroom later this spring.

Wed 03 Mar 2021, 11:51 | Tags: Arts & Culture Politics & Society Literature Education

Let's be as kind as we can to each other: a profile of filmmaker Lucy Brydon

Lucy Brydon is a director, a screenwriter, a teacher, a published author, and releases her debut feature film, Body of Water, this month.

Fri 16 Oct 2020, 11:49 | Tags: Arts & Culture Film & TV Theatre & Performance Literature

The real Tatooine: Could there be life on other circumbinary planets?

From Gallifrey to Tatooine, planets with multiple suns feature widely in science fiction, but there are currently only ten real ‘circumbinary’ planets identified by space scientists. Dr David Armstrong from Warwick’s Astrophysics research group considers what we know about planets with two stars – and asks if life could exist there.

In defence of the census

The UK’s national statistician has suggested that next year’s census could be our last. After 200 years of officially documenting Britain’s households, it may be scrapped in favour of cheaper and easier ways of collecting the data. Professor Sarah Richardson from Warwick’s Department of History explains why we should mourn the loss of the decennial census.

Thu 27 Feb 2020, 11:27 | Tags: Public Health Politics History Literature Economics Sociology

How a French ghost story influenced Dickens

A Christmas Carol isn’t the only spine-chilling Christmas ghost story from the pen of Charles Dickens, writes Dr Fabio Camilletti.

Thu 20 Dec 2018, 08:16 | Tags: Arts & Culture Modern Languages Literature

Five things you need to know about the Peterloo Massacre

In August 1819, 600,000 people marched peacefully to St Peters Field in central Manchester to hear a speech about electoral reform. The orator, Henry Hunt, addressed the crowd at 2pm – twenty minutes later eighteen were dead and more than six hundred injured. Here’s five things you should know...

Fantasmagoriana: the German book of ghost stories that inspired Frankenstein

Dr Fabio Camilletti explores how the reading of a book of German ghost stories led to the invention of modern horror :Polidori’s story, The Vampyre, and 18-year-old Mary Shelley's classic, Frankenstein

Wed 31 Oct 2018, 10:31 | Tags: History Modern Languages Literature

Five things about the modern Vampire's Italian heritage

Five things you may not know about the Italian roots of the modern vampire.

Tue 22 May 2018, 09:30 | Tags: Arts & Culture History Modern Languages Literature

Shakespeare's View of the World

Even 402 years after his death, Shakespeare still has much to say on modern issues. Stuart Elden is Professor of Political Theory and Geography at the University of Warwick and is using Shakespeare’s works to further the understanding of one evergreen issue in human geography: Territory.

Connecting two cultures: Different chapter - same complex story

James Hodkinson is an expert in German literature and history. No, not that bit of German history. His focus is on pre-20th Century Germany’s relationship with Islam.

Heinrich Von Kleist, Education and Violence

Can education and violence ever be on the same spectrum? In this series of podcasts, Dr Seán Allan, Professor Ricarda Schmidt and Dr Steven Howe explore the life and work of Henrich von Kleist, a 'writer out of his time' whose work always courted contradiction and controversy.

Mon 01 Oct 2012, 09:00 | Tags: Arts & Culture Modern Languages Literature