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Innovative new systems set to increase company’s efficiency


  • Part level barcoding dramatically improves traceability
  • Bespoke, fully integrated app ensures consistency throughout company
  • Automotive experts Autins Group have seen unprecedented efficiency improvements

WMG, at of the University of Warwick, has developed pioneering new systems that have resulted in productivity gains for Autins Group. Autins, who are based in Rugby, are specialists in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art noise reduction and heat management systems, in particular for the automotive industry.

The mobile app allows Autins Group to ensure the right barcode label is attached to the right part. It was developed by WMG specifically for Autins, and is fully integrated across the Android devices used by the company. Part level barcoding has been introduced in addition to container level, for logistical purposes and to improve batch traceability. A revised database has also been introduced to avoid data duplication in important processes.

In addition to the new measures, WMG and Autins Group are exploring even more innovative solutions to productivity challenges, such as sensors on their machinery to obtain real-time shop floor data.

The WMG SME group has supported Autins in implementing a range of new measures that have reduced time spent on administrative functions and increased the speed at which important processes can take place. Crucially, they now fully adhere to the Odette standard, which sets industry supply chain standards for communications, data exchange and logistics management between businesses in the automotive sector.

Piero Filippin, Innovation Manager of WMG, University of Warwick said:

“We are excited by the developments at Autins and are looking forward to exploring new ways we can support them become more productive using Internet of Things technology to monitor activity on the shop floor. We are able to provide this support to other manufacturers and would encourage other businesses to contact us to find out how we can help.”

Paul Walker, UK Operations Director of Autins Group said:

“We are delighted with the impact of these new systems, delivering savings in time and offering us greater precision, speed in our processes, and a reduction in errors. Our single largest quality issue was mislabelling. The WMG barcoding support has totally eliminated this issue. Overall the whole exercise has proved of huge benefit, with added functionality that we never anticipated.”

The WMG SME group is delivering a two year support programme funded by Innovate UK to support the manufacturing supply chain. They have expertise in materials, manufacturing, systems and product development and offer customised projects, workshops and technology demonstrations for SMEs across the UK.

EC 10/06/2016

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