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Commonwealth Champion

Jennifer and her team
Jennifer and her team

Originally published 25 September 2002

Jennifer Smith joined the Economics Department in 1996, from the Bank of England. She teaches macroeconomics, economic policy, labour economics and econometrics and her research is into labour economics, specifically issues relating to the wage distribution and how wage setting impacts on the economy. As well as all this, Jennifer is a professional rower!

“I first started rowing at Pembroke College, Oxford, where I read Philosophy, Politics and Economics as an undergraduate. I hadn’t intended to get involved with rowing, as it seemed a rather macho sport! But once I tried it I was hooked – it was just really fun trying to co-ordinate with other people, doing something technically difficult and exerting, with the aim of going very fast.”

“I gave up rowing whilst I was at the Bank of England but a couple of years after moving to Warwick I got back into it. To be selected for the Commonwealth Games heavyweight women’s team was an exciting achievement. This year I’ve been training for up to two hours eight times a. Winter training involves gym circuits, weight circuits, weights, running, ergs (indoor rowing) and water work at weekends and during the summer almost all training takes place on the water.”

“The Commonwealth Regatta was held at the National Water Sports Centre in Nottingham on 17-18 August, separate from the other sports of the Commonwealth Games a couple of weeks earlier at Manchester, as this year rowing was only an affiliated sport (although winners still have the status of Commonwealth champions). It was a great deal of fun and we came away with the silver medal. All the hard work was definitely worth it.”