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Students' Union Sabbatical Officers go "Back to School"

Greg Jones
Greg Jones, President
of the Students' Union
Originally published 18 June 2003

This year's Student Union Sabbatical Officers have agreed to go "Back to School" as part of new outreach programme being run in partnership with the Student Recruitment and Admissions Office.

The programme builds on the existing student ambassador programme, the Warwick Welcome Service, by asking students to make contact with schools from their home areas to update them on their experience of higher education.

Each of the Sabbatical Officers is hoping to visit their own school and others from their local area to talk about the benefits of higher education and how to make the most of student life. The visits will allow pupils to find out about studying at Warwick, the societies, sports and other opportunities available to students. There will also be a chance to discuss the financial aspects of coming to Warwick University and to reassure potential students who might otherwise be deterred from going into higher education.

Greg Jones, President of the Students' Union, said: "The programme is an opportunity to establish links in areas of the country and encourage people to come to Warwick. We can help allay some of the fears of debt and make people more comfortable with coming into higher education. It will be a good experience and if a couple of people think 'Yeah, I might go' it will be worth it. The Students' Union must take an increasing role in student recruitment and widening participation."

Ken Sloan Director of the Student Recruitment and Admissions Office said: "We are delighted to be working with the Students' Union on this project which is just one of a range of outreach programmes that the University has to offer schools across the country. Our students are the best ambassadors for what higher education can offer to potential students of the future. The University continues to be committed to ensuring that it attracts high quality students with the potential to succeed at and benefit from a Warwick Degree and this new programme will help us to further that aim".

The new programme will be extended to involve other Warwick students in the course of the next academic year.

For information or to give feedback about the University's outreach activities with schools, or to participate in them, please contact Ken Sloan.