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Do A Good Deed, Give To Children In Need

Mercia Institute Fundraisers
Mercia Institute Fundraisers
Originally published 18 November 2003

University students and staff spent Friday raising money for BBC's Children in Need Appeal.

Started in 1980 BBC's Children in Need Appeal seeks to raise funds for disadvantaged children who have encountered violence at home, neglect, homelessness, sexual abuse or have experienced serious illnesses, or profound disabilities from a very young age.

So far they have raised more than £325 million. And every penny raised has been divided up and distributed to organisations around the UK that provide effective and practical ways to improve the lives of children in need.

So, how did the University contribute this year?

The Lakeside Residences Hospitality Team raised £1178.20 through activities in the Lakeside Hall Common Room. They have also collected foreign currency which is yet to be converted and counted.

Kitchen 5 in Arthur Vick 3 raised £200 by waxing four lads' legs.

Mercia Institute raised £833.10 and would like to say a huge thank you to all who contributed. They sent 10 enthusiastic students to collect around campus and were overwhelmed by the response they received.

The Student’s Union had a stand in the Union, and sent people around campus collected money.

The Institute of Education raised £374, beating last year's total. They kicked off with coffee and homemade cakes, set up a tombola stall, Treasure Island game, guess the sweets in a jar, and sold homemade cards.

Warwick Hospitality sold Pudsey Bear cookies and had collection buckets at till points.

The department of Economics held a raffle, sold cakes, and members of staff could even be seen wearing underpants over their trousers. They raised £320 in total.

Arden House and Warwick Manufacturing Group raised £705 in two days with a variety of activities, including raffles, waxing chests and legs, dressing up as doctors and nurses, and selling sweets at lunchtime.

Over at Senate House, the Academic Office raised £533.37 for Children in Need by selling cakes and holding a raffle.

Warwick Conferences Scarman raised almost £300 by selling biscuits and raffling a cake. They sold one cake and some biscuits for £100 to Trinity Taxis who took it to the children's ward at Walsgrave Hospital.

How much money did you raise? What did you do to raise it? Let us know at

BBC Children in Need Appeal is a registered charity, number 802052