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Chinese Fellowship Scheme

Jingsong He
Jingsong He
Originally published 27 February 2004

Following a decision by the China Strategy Group, the International Office launched a Chinese Fellowship Scheme in September last year. Two six-month fellowships per year are being offered to allow the University to develop closer links with potential partner institutions. The fellowships will enable scholars from P.R. China to spend six months at Warwick pursuing research. The aim is to promote intellectual exchange and collaboration between Warwick and leading Chinese universities.

Jingsong He, from The University of Science and Technology of China is the first to person to participate in the Chinese Fellowship Scheme. He arrived at Warwick in the beginning of October 2003 and joined Warwick’s Centre for Scientific Computing.

As a Mathematics lecturer carrying out research on integratable systems, coming to Warwick has enabled me to carry out research in collaboration with Dr Rudolf Roemer who works in the Centre for Scientific Computing and Dr Cheng Yi who is currently based in China. We have already produced one paper on solving the bsk, bKK and bSH equations in KP hierarchy using gauge transformation and plan to continue developing our research.”

“Upon returning to China, I intend to apply for a grant in order to continue research collaborations with my colleagues here at Warwick and I hope that collaboration between our two institutions will deepen further."

“I am extremely impressed by the facilities that Warwick has to offer, both in terms of academic resources and the wonderful campus environment. I will certainly have a positive lasting impression of my life at Warwick to take back with me to China and am extremely grateful for the unique opportunity to pursue my research interests here.”

All Warwick departments are invited to nominate up to two candidates for the scheme.

Closing Dates for Applications

  • Spring/Summer award - 1 March 2004
  • Autumn/Winter award - June 28th 2004

For further information please contact:

Kate Phillips,
International Liaison Officer
Ext. 74336