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Feng Shui tips to enhance your work life.

Originally published 14 April 2004

Dreading the start of the new term? Feel your office/workspace needs a face-lift? Maybe you will be moving “house” and a bit wary about your new workspace.

Why not apply the healing and balancing principles of Feng Shui to energise your workspace and fill you with fuel to take on the challenges of the new term?

Feng Shui is based on the idea that everything has energy, or Chi.

In businesses, Feng Shui is used to improve the energy flow and clear negativity in the workspace. Colour choices, strategic placement of plants and water, as well as building shape are some of the factors that Feng Shui considers. For example, if there is no colour in a space; motivation, production and morale are affected. Too much colour or the improper use of colour can cause conflict and several different types of challenges.

Here are a few tips for improving Feng Shui at your office and your performance at work

Desk position is important

  • The best place to put your desk is in the far corner, somewhere that you can see the door or window without being directly in front of it. If you sit directly facing the door or with your back to it, you will not hold the respect of others.
  • Don’t worry if you can’t move your desk, if you sit with your back to the door just hang a mirror in front of you so you can see what’s going on behind you.
  • The direction your desk faces activates a quality about you. East connotes aggressiveness, West - conciliation, North – ambition and South – satisfaction.
  • Unless you want to be misinterpreted, make sure your desk faces the direction that defines you and is most important to the job you do.
  • If you want to bring balance and confidence to your working life or increase your chances of promotion, Feng Shui suggests a slightly raised chair with an arm rest, a high back.

Excellent Feng Shui choices to enhance your workspace are: a beautiful piece of art work or lush plants - live or very good silk, aquariums, water fountains, a clean subtle fragrance of pure essential oils.

  • Choice of artwork and placement of artwork contribute to harmony and productivity in the office.
  • Fresh flowers or a small plant attracts prosperity. Palms are said to be good because they spread out at top and as such will spread out energy. Likewise, a lamp placed to the south of your desk will energise your workspace.
Feng Shui Don’ts
  1. Table and desks with sharp edges and open bookshelves. These symbolise blades that have killing energy and will spread negativity in the office.
  2. High piles of files, book or papers. These produce too much yin, which can be negative and destructive.
  3. If having a pile of books is unavoidable, make sure the pile is higher on the right than on the left.
  4. Too much sun in the office.
  5. Although sunlight brings good yang energy, too much can cause unrest amongst colleagues.

Try applying these principles of Feng Shui to your workspace. Who knows, they just might make a difference!