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Community Heating Project Update

Chimney Demolition
Chimney Demolition
Originally Published 01 October 2003

The demolition of the Boiler House Chimney is a useful visual reminder of the ongoing work on the University's Community Heating Plan.

Earlier in the year the University announced a government grant of £500,000 to fund its own community heating project and save an estimated 710 tonnes of carbon each year. This represents an annual saving of more than £37,000 on fuel bills as well as reducing CO2 emissions.

The work on connecting up the non-residential buildings to the ring main is almost complete: Humanities, Senate House, ATC, Physics, the new Maths and Statistics Building, Physical; Sciences, the Library and its extension and Social Sciences are now connected.

Some of the residential blocks have also been connected already including some of Tocil, Arthur Vick and Claycroft and the whole of Jack Martin. Next on the list are the rest of Tocil and Arthur Vick, Psychology and the National Grid Building.

For more information on what the project involves see