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Warwick International Development Summit 2009

WIDSWarwick International Development Summit (WIDS) will take place on campus from Friday 20 – Sunday 22 November. The overarching theme for this year’s Summit will be “Development for the Modern Age: Crisis, Climate and Co-operation”.

Warwick International Development Summit is organised by the International Development Society, a student society at the University of Warwick that aims to engage students with global development and provide a platform to enable them to become actively involved.

The summit will bring together stakeholders from different sectors in development - from governments, civil society organisations, academia, international institutions and the private sector in both developed and developing countries - to reconcile policy, practice and theory through critical engagement and constructive debate.

The inaugural WIDS, held in 2006, brought together over 30 speakers from 5 continents to a combined audience of over 950. While its primary target audience is Warwick students, many professionals- such as from the ILO, academics and students from outside the university attended in 2006.

This year’s summit will host a range of speakers including Hugh Bredenkamp, (Deputy Director of the IMF's Strategy, Policy & Review Department); Dr. George Assaf (UN Industrial Development Organisation Spokesperson); Jorge Saba Arbache (Senior Economist - World Bank) as well as seasoned campaigners from Ethicore and other organisations, senior academics and aid workers.

Some of the issues the summit will address are:

•    Embracing Emerging Economies in Development

•    The Long-Term Implications of the Financial Crisis For Developing Countries

•    Climate-friendly Development as an Efficient Response to the Economic Crisis

•    The Impact of the Economic Crisis on Achieving Gender Equality for Aid Effectiveness

•    The Role of the Private Sector in Development

WIDSFor the full list of WIDS events see here.

The Summit will be held in the Maths & Stats building of the University of Warwick.

After the summit a magazine will be released covering the main issues raised in further detail.

Tickets will be available from the Piazza (outside the Students’ Union) every day. You can also buy tickets online from the Warwick Students Union website. Tickets are priced at £5 for the full weekend, £3 for one full day and £1 for individual lectures and workshops.

Tickets are also available for external visitors - to buy them please go to the Warwick Students Union website and set up a user account, then follow the link above.