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Warwick hosting £5.3 million project to research the future of human rights in the digital age

The Digital Health and Rights Project (DHRP) - an international consortium hosted by the University of Warwick - has received £5.3 million to study the future of human rights using an innovative approach which puts communities at the centre of research participation.

Fri 23 Jun 2023, 09:27 | Tags: Health, research, AI, digital

Revolutionising the manufacturing industry through digitalisation

Until now, smaller manufacturing companies have missed out on the productivity benefits of digital technologies and data-driven solutions. Too many manufacturers don’t know where to start, and lack the skills required to deploy and use digital solutions. The costs are perceived to be high and the return on investment is unclear. A consortium, including WMG at the University of Warwick, has been awarded funding through the Government’s Manufacturing Made Smarter Challenge to tackle this problem by developing a Smart InforMation PLatform and Ecosystem for Manufacturing (SIMPLE).

Wed 06 Jan 2021, 12:48 | Tags: manufacturing, UK, WMG, Batteries, digital, UKRI, Sciences

Coronavirus brings dawn of digital healthcare

In light of the highly-infectious Coronavirus pandemic, healthcare systems across the world have had to adapt rapidly for the evolving situation, which has resulted in unintentionally bringing the dawn of digital healthcare.

Tue 14 Apr 2020, 08:54 | Tags: NHS, IDH, WMG, coronavirus, digital, Sciences

Mobile devices don’t reduce shared family time, study finds

The first study of the impact of digital mobile devices on different aspects of family time in the UK has found that children are spending more time at home with their parents rather than less. The increase is in what is called ‘alone-together’ time, when children are at home with their parents but say they are alone. However, the study also found no evidence that device use had displaced traditional shared activities like family meals and watching television.

Warwick and Leicester researchers help map the route to a highly skilled digital future for museums

Research from the University of Warwick and the University of Leicester, being launched today in Vancouver, will help to transform the ways UK museums use digital technologies to share their collections and engage new audiences with their work.