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“Women are not just mothers” - gender stereotypes weaken counter-radicalisation projects

Seeing women only as mothers and victims is harmful to effective counter-radicalisation work, according to a new report by the University of Warwick’s Dr Jennifer Philippa Eggert, in partnership with the Berghof Foundation. The report is believed to be the first such study focusing on grassroots initiatives.

In a series of interviews and a workshop Dr Eggert explored the ways that grassroots organisations in Germany, the UK and Lebanon have successfully integrated women into their work, and developed a set of best practice recommendations.

Playwright and actor Alecky Blythe honoured by University of Warwick

Award-winning playwright Alecky Blythe, pioneer of the verbatim technique in which real people’s words are faithfully delivered on stage by actors, has received an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Warwick.

Blythe, who has brought sieges, sex work, riots and murder to the stage through her own theatre company, was made an Honorary Doctor of Letters at the University’s 2018 Winter Graduations.

New study to help improve life for headaches sufferers

A study led by University of Warwick could help thousands of headache sufferers. Researchers at the Warwick Medical School are investigating whether a new education and self-management programme will help improve quality of life for people living with chronic headaches.

Io Io Io! Modern Christmas vs Roman Saturnalia

Partying, pantomime, feasting and gift-giving are all established traditions of the Christmas season. At the same time of the year over 2000 years ago, Romans had the very same customs in celebration of a different festival – Saturnalia.

Womb natural killer cell discovery could lead to screening for miscarriage risk

For the first time the functions of natural killer cells in the womb have been identified. Researchers at the University of Warwick and University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire (UHCW) NHS Trust have discovered the role that they play in preparing the womb for pregnancy.

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