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Fairer taxes, safer cars, healthier citizens…and better beer – how statistics improves our lives

Statistics can help with better beerWhat has statistics ever done for you? Well quite a lot actually – we have the invisible power of statistic to thank for everything from discovering the Higgs boson to fairer taxes, better public health, safer cars, keeping politicians’ claims in check and even improving the quality of the wine and beer we drink.

Statistics tends to stay out of the limelight, but the University of Warwick – home to one of the best-regarded Statistics departments in the world – is determined to change that.

The department has organised a public event on 27th November to highlight the invaluable contribution of the discipline to the modern world. 2013 is the International Year of Statistics.

The day will see a series of speakers from Warwick and other institutions throw light on the usefulness of Statistics to our everyday lives. The event will close with a keynote speech “Statistics, why should they matter?” given by Professor Marian Scott of Glasgow University

Professor Simon French of the Department of Statistics at the University of Warwick said: “Our celebration of Statistics promises to be a fun afternoon which brings to life the wonder of the subject.

“Statisticians tend not to hog the limelight, but without Statistics much of the modern scientific world would disappear and with it many of the products and services we take for granted.

“That’s not to mention the contribution Statistics makes to areas such as public health, economic growth and of course its role in fact-checking the claims made by politicians.

“The University of Warwick is proud of its globally respected expertise in statistics and we are looking forward to sharing some of the benefits of the subject with the people of Coventry and Warwickshire.”


Further details, including how to book, can be found here