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Festive Ballet for Gifted Children in Singapore

A hundred of the world's gifted young people are going to the Singapore Dance Theatre’s festive ballet The Nutcracker  in Singapore on Wednesday 17th December as part of an international residential programme designed to provide a special educational opportunity for some of the world’s most gifted young people aged between 11and 16.

The gifted children will be attending the ballet as part of the International Gateway for Gifted Youth’s (IGGY) first ever Winter-U - a special series of residential courses and activities. Over 100 gifted children from Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, India and Brunei are taking part in the special event.

The Winter-U runs from 9-20 December 2008 at NUS High School, Singapore. A hundred of the world’s most gifted school aged students will take one of five intellectually demanding courses at the Winter-U studying concepts and approaches that are used by undergraduates and even postgraduates at university. At the end of the Winter U, the community will come together to present their work at a Closing Celebration, where they will also receive a certificate. Students will also receive a personal report on their achievements throughout the course.

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PR100 PJD 16th December 2008