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'Mediatization' of death in Gaza

University of Warwick Associate Professor Andrew Hoskins will speak at the House of Commons tomorrow (25 February) about the ‘mediatization’ of death in Gaza. 

Professor Hoskins said: “The 'mediatization' of death and injury of civilians and particularly of children in the 22-day Israeli assault on Gaza appears to be testing British journalism. This is not least the case with the BBC clinging to a mantra of 'impartiality' in defence of its refusal to air the DEC appeal film.

"Moreover, how discernible are the 'effects' of this coverage in light of claims from the UK Government and amplified by BBC news, that raise the spectre of that most intangible of threats, 'radicalisation'.” 

Professor Hoskins will be talking at the " The 'War on Terror' By Any Other Name: Ethical Dimensions of Foreign Policy" event organised by the Economic and Social Research Council. The event will take place in Committee Room 15 on the first floor of the House of Commons.

Professor Hoskins is available for interview on 07766 311310. Alternatively contact Kelly Parkes-Harrison, Communications Officer, University of Warwick, 07824 540863, 02476 150483