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Hybrids Charm 150 government reps manufacturers and policy makers & researchers

When one says hybrids are tempting government reps, policy makers, manufacturers and researchers to a rally in Warwickshire on June 8th it sounds like the plot of a Doctor Who episode - but in this case the Hybrids are hybrid vehicles and the government reps, policy makers, manufacturers and researchers are flocking to Warwickshire to see how this technology can provide us with a range of quality vehicles that will improve performance whilst using less fuel and help conserve the environment to boot.

Researchers at the University of Warwick's Warwick Manufacturing Group, automotive technology company Prodrive, and senior figures from Jaguar Land Rover, and Advantage West Midlands have been working together to explore the benefits of this technology in which vehicles combine a normal petrol or diesel engine with another form of power such an electric battery or fuel cell. Warwick Manufacturing Group have become so convinced that the variety and quality of hybrid vehicle technologies on offer are now so strong that they needed to mount England?s first Hybrid vehicle rally and exhibition to let customers, government reps, policy makers, manufacturers and researchers experience the range for themselves. Environmental concerns and rising fuel costs make this technology of great interest to both the private consumer and the operator of large fleets of vehicles.

Over 150 key decision makers are attending the event at Prodrive's test facility and track at Oldwich Lane East in Fen End, Warwickshire where they will be able to see and test over a dozen hybrid vehicles from cars and buses to vans, taxis and even a scooter. They will also be able to question around 30 exhibitors working in this field.

Warwick based company Dennis Eagle will be demonstrating a refuse collection vehicle they are considering as a platform for hybrid development, being assisted in the early stages of the programme by Warwick Manufacturing Group.

Nigel Base, Managing Director Europe of Kenilworth based Azure Dynamics will outline how they have developed a hybrid Transit Van with GKN Autostructures, and how that partnership was made through an earlier WMG organised event.

Press are welcome to attend the event from 10.15am on Thursday 8th June - on arrival at the gate please ask for Paul Faithfull. However please contact the University Press Office first if you wish to attend as we need to get you a security number to get through the gate at Prodrive.

For further information please contact:

Adrian Vinsome
International Automotive Research Centre
University of Warwick Tel: 02476 575935.

Peter Dunn, Press and Media Relations
University of Warwick Tel: 024 76 523708
07767 655860

Prodrive contact
Jonanthan Walls.

PR40 5th June 2006