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New partnership to identify cyber security talent of the future

A 24 hour hackathon is to mark the start of a new partnership between WMG’s Cyber Security Centre at the University of Warwick and the digital identification company Callsign.

The WMG Cyber Security Centre will partner with Callsign to work on the future security of digital identities.

In particular they will work together to develop and support cyber security talent. This supports the government’s own strategy for cyber security and is an area for which Professor Tim Watson and Professor Carsten Maple, both from WMG’s Cyber Security Centre, have significant national and international reputations – they both sit on national bodies in this field and are key influencers in cyber security policy.

Dr. Zia Hayat, CEO and founder of Callsign said:

“The advent of the Internet of Things challenges businesses and individuals alike to assert their identities far better. They have to have a much clearer understanding of just how trustworthy their digital identities are, particularly as businesses face increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks and individuals risk identity theft. The challenge is how cyber security specialists build solutions to these threats. Our work with WMG’s Cyber Security Centre will identify and nurture new cyber security talent to combat cybercrime. It is vital that the UK has the people and skills to tackle this issue.”

Professor Maple, Director of Research at WMG’s Cyber Security Centre, said:

“In today's digital world the need to securely identify yourself has become a constant fact of life, whether you have to swipe a card to enter a building, or getting concert tickets or boarding passes delivered straight to your phone. Each day brings new ways of digitally enhancing everyday aspects of our lives and we fully expect that this competition will see Warwick students create some of those new ideas. Our partnership with Callsign is an exciting and important step in identifying new cyber security talent."

The 24 hour hackathon is open to undergraduates at the University of Warwick. They are challenged with finding new ways to interact with the Internet of Things and will be given access to Callsign’s mobile app with the aim of improving the security and convenience of identity based transactions and activities.

Judges from Morgan Stanley, Cisco, Deutsche Bank, Jaguar Land Rover and other organisations will watch how the teams respond to this time-limited challenge to create new ways to ease or enhance everyday tasks. Ideas could enable the app to help sign, receive or submit documents, remotely control a garage door or even allow access to a car.

The hackathon will run from 10am Saturday 20th June to 10am Sunday 21st June in the Cyber Security Centre at WMG. There is a prize of £2,500 (maximum team prize - £500 per individual, teams of 4-5 in size) and £100 Amazon vouchers for each runner up. Goodie bags and food will be provided for all those taking part.

For further information please contact:

Lisa Barwick, WMG, University of Warwick

Tel: 02476 524 721

Mob: 07824 540 845


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Lisa Barwick

Tel: 02476 524 721

Mob: 07824 540 845