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Steering wheel made from carrots goes on display at the Science Museum in London

Nano-cellulose wheelA Formula 3 steering wheel made from carrots and created by engineers at WMG, University of Warwick, has gone on display at the London Science Museum.

The Nano-cellulose wheel is the first of its kind and just one of several sustainable and renewable materials that have been used by WMG in the development of this F3 rated vehicle.

The wheel has gone on display, in the Antenna gallery, as part of the Science Museum’s Nano-cellulose exhibition, which is expected to run until July 2013. The Antenna gallery is aimed at a teenage and adult audience. Antenna seeks to create dialogue about contemporary science stories and encourage visitors to form their own opinions.

Dr Kerry Kirwan,Associate Professor at WMG said: “We are delighted the steering wheel has been included in this exhibition. This is an excellent display of contemporary science which has a smaller environmental footprint as the use of organic materials are better than more traditional materials as they can be used as glass fibre or metal substitute. This proves that green materials can be sexy, fun and fast.”

The Formula 3 car project, entitled ‘The WorldFirst’ is powered by chocolate, steered by carrots, has bodywork made from potatoes, and can still do 125mph around corners. Accelerating from 0-60mph in just two seconds, faster than a regular Formula 3 car, makes this vehicle not only a competitor to other F3 racing cars, but it’s a perfect example of future ways we could improve some of our recycling issues.

Notes to Editors

More pictures of the steering wheel are available [here]

Photos of the Nano-cellulose display to be credited to London Science Museum

Dr Kerry Kirwan is an Associate Professor at the Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG)

More information about the Formula 3 car can be found [here]

For more information, please contact Melissa Holloway, Assistant Press Officer Tel: 024 7657 5601 Cell: 07824 541142 Email:

For more information

Please contact Melissa Holloway, Assistant Press Officer Tel: 024 7657 5601 Cell: 07824 541142 Email:

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